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Vigilance and security for your on-time delivery

We recruit the best of the best, and we ensure all our drivers receive rigorous training and subsequent certification.

FASTEX participates in trade security programs for cross border travel. We are C-TPAT and FAST certified!

C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism) and FAST (Free and Secure Trade) are joint programs between the Canadian and U.S. governments that foster strong relationships between government and business, ensuring the secure delivery of goods across the border. Having these certifications means FASTEX crosses the border with ease. We take care of everything so you don't have to!

As a company, we keep abreast of all American cross border processing standards. This includes all ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) requirements. Complying with ACE standards ensures that we benefit from automated cross-border processing.

According to the Canadian Border Services Agency, freight forwarders must provide Advanced Commercial Information (ACI) before cross-border delivery. FASTEX complies with all ACI regulations—supplying cargo and conveyance information, pre-delivery, to help expedite cross-border transport and prevent safety, security and health concerns.

FASTEX is vigilant in meeting these demands and keeping our certifications current. Getting your freight there on time is our number one priority!

Canada to USA cross border shipping
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